Green Guardian

The Green Guardian is an active, invisible and non-lethal building defense system that guarantees that nobody can pull a weapon without being immediately detected and disabled. With this system the occupants will be protected, removing the need for physical barriers, or armed guards patrolling the corridors. This enables an open and friendly environment while keeping the occupants safe at all time.

The non-lethal approach of the Green Guardian ensures that suicide attackers will be unsuccessful. The system disables the person, while not seriously harming them leaving them to face the legal consequences of their actions.

Furthermore, the Green Guardian is designed to operate autonomously by monitoring an area, detecting active threats, and deploying countermeasures to disable the perpetrator. The system also analyzes the sensor data over time, enabling it to better detect normal and abnormal situations. This is especially useful for detecting different kinds of weapons, standard production units and improvised devices.

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