Green Guardian

Ultraprecision, Human Decision

Empowering First Responders

Designed to work in conjunction with first responders and on-site security personnel, the Green Guardian is a next generation active security system that enhances the capabilities of its operator, allowing them to make quick and informed decisions in even the most high-pressure situations. At its core, the Green Guardian is an extension of the expertise and vigilance of professional on-site security personnel. By using advanced technologies to identify and track potential active shooters, operators are able to instantly assess the situation, without having to physically be at the location. What really sets the Green Guardian apart from traditional security systems however, is that it grants its operator the ability to non-lethally disarm and disable an active shooter without the need of physical confrontation: minimizing the potential of collateral damage and loss of life while also allowing for swift apprehension by law enforcement.

Non-Intrusive Security

More than just a security measure, the Green Guardian is also a solution that enhances people’s environment and quality of life in the location of where it’s placed. Traditional security measures such as metal detectors, barred windows and bullet-proof doors are limited in terms of efficiency and practicality. More importantly however, is the fact that their naturally intrusive placements and aesthetics can make people feel on edge and uneasy, enhancing perceptions of being in a high-risk environment. Replacing traditional security measures, the Green Guardian removes the need to sacrifice peace of mind for safety. With its sleek and non-intrusive design, it blends seamlessly into the environment and provides a subtle and minimal, yet powerful and decisive presence.

The Green Guardian is the result of our commitment and dedication to our goal: a world where mass shootings are events of the past.